Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Monday, 20 November 2017

Teach about same sizes with fruits/vegetable. Online home school program...

Teach about sizes/ same and gib/small with fruits and vegetables. An easy and smart way to homeschool/preschool math.
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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Make Free bigger and smaller resources for math/ online home school math...

Origami free resources for Montessori and Preschool education. Hope you will like and share your thoughts about them.

Easy drawing tips to make faces of animals, Online home school program,

Making the faces of animals drawing is a fun... and it gives very tough time to some children to learn how to draw?
In this video, drawing has been made easy for children to learn how to start drawing with easy steps. it is a beginners guide for drawing...waiting to hear from you. How much help did you get from this video?
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Easy drawing tips to make faces of animals, Online home school program,

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

You can make Free home school resources to teach big and small sizes.homeschooling

Teach about sizes/ big and small / I had made these amazing things in different sizes to teach kids about big and small and smallest at home/

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