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9 Best apps for kids For homeschooling/preschoolers that could change your thought about using devices.

 A list of apps your I phone already have...

To improve your children's skills and vision
9 best apps for homeschooling

Do you know how mobile phone, iPad, tablets etc could help your children in improving their skills, good learning, and of course for entertaining them, under your good parenting?

9best uses of Iphone and devices for your children.

                                            Life is totally ... unimaginable without 
Mobile phone and internet devices/accessories now a day. If I will

say mobiles works like batteries in our life........ It will be true... In Every age and every field of our life  devices are replacing other products.
                     And definitely, our new generation Is also under the effects of this addiction... and it's clear in future..... these will be more productive and demanding tools....
Willingly or unwilling we have to prepare our next generation for it...
                   But how?....
Like every other single factor of life, mobiles also have positive sides, within all its negative sides.
         Definitely children today getting addicted to phones, same like adults. 
      Now what is happening, some parents don't have any excuses with them, and they are handling all the devices as a pride(with semi check and balance). And the other under mobile phobia parents are afraid with these devices and neglecting positive sides as well as its demand...
I'm here just to make it clear to parents, that mostly we are using just social media and getting addicted because we don't have enough skills, we are not getting benefit from these devices. But our children could get, after our good guidance and molding their mind towards skills rather than wondering and wasting time on social media and spending time in games.( games are good of course, and parents feel safe with them, but games are also spoiling. and have negative points..which will I may discuss in another post)

First of all some steps for their security.

1. Turn off Wi-Fi 📶 if the app doesn't need it. Because Wi-Fi and other tools that work on signals are very harmful to children and their mind works less with this.
2. Use kids corner...Many devices have these apps...This app could help you with your privacy
3.  Make it clear your kids that they could only get personal devices just after turning over 18 like other licenses and social security diploma's
 4. If they are using these tools for a long time sitting down... Set their position righteous so that their eyes 👀 and shoulder muscles 💪 get less stress.
 Now let's see, 

 How some apps are helpful for children in learning!

                   1st app Cameras(Photos)

Makings most favorite and recommended an app which children should use......
develop their habit to make photos.....
and capture the moment....
Now photos of what?
Mold their mind, give them indications, guide them towards their hobbies.
1... Do gardening with them, 
and let them capture every step of seed to flower. 
A healthy hobby with extra entertainment and excitement.
This will increase their skill of focus on the point and come close to nature.



Let them Draw, things of their own  Interest.....let them make a collection of drawing and save them into the eye of the camera.

3... Shoots from  Nature...go outside there are a lot of bugs, bees 🐝, Ants 🐜, butterfly, clouds, birds, leaves and there is much in nature.
It will increase their curiosity.
They will search, observe, and ponder.

4... Cooking...especially for girls.....Take them into the kitchen and make foods, ..... Try different recipes....and garnish them....and no need to say that they will learn the art of cooking, garnishing, working in the kitchen with other safety standards and then do photography. And definitely keeping the kitchen clean is the most focusing point to make good photos.

5... Selfies...... Say them to take selfies with different crying, upset, happy, shouting, loving,etc....and then ask them to find the best emotion which they want to look like every time....very good thing to develop a charming, happy personality.

2nd app... Making videos film 🎥

Yes, this is also a very healthy and fruitful hobby or skill videos of what?
1... Go outside See working every single aspect of 
working ants 🐜 in groups, Honey bee collecting juice from flowers 💐How birds sit and fly,
2... Then ask them to do short drama's
or singing poems, or reciting Qur'an,
doing a speech, or whatever they are good in front of the camera and make video's and then watch their own videos and practice....
  I really love this

3... Film Your good moments, parties etc
save them into videos,
4... During travel, in the car 🚗 watching outside.
....make videos....thing seems Running and coming close gives us a rich point to ponder....
 Like how Allah gives and takes the thing from us.

3rd app ... Notes 📝....

As writing journals, note's or daily diary is favorite of all ages and it could never lose its value....same thing children could do with 
Note, They could Write:-

  1.  Daily planners
  2.  Essay writing
  3. Writing about their good and bad 🙅 days.
  4. Making a list of likes and dislikes
  5. Making a list of grocery you want to buy with them.
  6. Making the goals they want to achieve.
  7. Writing the tips of life hacks.
  8. Making their own dictionary and every other aspect of their respective.

4th app photo 📷 editing

It's also very helpful tool....It will help in developing their behavior and learning  🏫 other skills. They will learn How to change effects, crop extra things, mix good moments,, add good frames, and look more gracefully with working on photos as well as our self. And parents could guide them relating with photos 📷 to work on self-personality development... 

5th app  Paint.....

There are many apps of drawing and sketching ... Children who are good in and likes to draw can be engaged 💒 with them....

6th app Games...

Here is a vast list of educational games and quizzes... Which could give good turnover for their educational programs?

Now we will discuss app which needs Wi-Fi

7..YouTube or other online videos

All of us 😊 know about learning tools and types of students. There is a huge no of children who could learn 🏫 more rapidly through audiovisual tools. So this is for them.
YouTube is biggest video platform for every age and every field of life. 
How videos are good for kids?

1..For learning poems
2.. For learning Tilwat and Tajweed.
3.. To watch stories
4.. To watch animated films 🎥.
5.. To learn languages.
6.. For toddlers poems, colors,shapes,sizes,numbers, alphabets,etc.
7.. To learn computer 💻 skills(best way to teach paint, animations, Microsoft, and every technology)
8.. To watch documentaries.
9.. To watch researchers about animals,, space, humans life...etc

8th app Google map.

Things look much different, Children will love
1.. Searching places
2.. Watching different colors of land, green, brown, blue.
homeschool clouds  maps picture3.. Clouds and Weathers 🌉
4.. Winds 🌌 blowing indications.
5.. Checking temperatures 🌊 of different places 🌵 and cold places on the globe.

9th app  Translator.

 translator icon for homeschoolFor learning other languages or translation of the second language this is the best way. 

It's so lovely.I wish I could go into my childhood again with these apps.


So this does not end.... If you are an updated parent.....and want to prepare your walk around fully equipped and prepared with all technologies and .....make them able to move and survive with giving 100%  return you can find much more best apps for kids.

 Let me know, how helpful did you find these apps for kids.
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Adiba Anwar.


  1. very helpful tips for us new parents! encouraging my kids now would be an easy task with all these new apps and following your great tips!

    1. Thanks for your concern...........Stay tunes.

  2. Our girls use their phones and iPads for drawing a LOT. They have learned so many great techniques that way!

  3. I think boys and girls could equally benefit from cooking activities. I have a 10 year old nephew who loves to help in the kitchen. There are tons of education videos available on YouTube, instead of just letting kids watch whatever, if they are doing screen time it's a great idea to let it be educational.

    1. For audio video will be great with security alerts and check and balance...

  4. This is a gret post! I think its hard to know as a parents what is enough/too much time with a mobile for a kid! But I love your ideas! ESpecially google translate and googe maps

    1. Thanks...mine love to google things........icon..flags ...maps...translation

  5. I don't have any children myself, but friends of mine home school their child as they travel the world. I will pass this post onto them

    1. Thanks... It will be honer for me.....please do share as much you could...

  6. Great article and suggestions!


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