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Step by step guide for math lessons for preschoolers.

Math lessons for preschoolers.
When we talk about Math lessons for preschoolers don't mean to give
a high burden curriculum books or a tight schedule to teach. Maths and numbers could not be put into the brain by dumping or pumping.

Some children love to play with numbers but other gets confused when its time to figure out values and numbers. And in the end, they start to hate the numbers. All feelings about math start to develop in early childhood education when a child starts learning. A little mislead could dig them into number phobia and smart help could make them math genius.
When one starts to teach a kid he/she needs to make them familiarize with the things around in a fun and natural atmosphere. And later using educational resources things would be more easy to make them understand the rules and problems of math.
 Here I'm going to share with you how  I started to teach my children as preschoolers.I'm sure this will help your child to love with numbers and patterns instead of creating a feeling of hate for maths.

Oral math lessons for preschoolers.

Oral math lessons for preschoolers are the best and most effective method to familiarize children with shapes, sizes and learn how to count and learn numbers. For this, we could get help from nature and be having fun transplant all the number mania to the kids. Like to Learn numbers and counting start to count:-
  • Fingers
  • Birds
  • Fruits
  • Toys
  • Foot Steps
  • Coins
  • Candies 
  • Number poems
Then make some
  • Crafts,
  • Cards,
  • Playdough 
  • or use toys
 to make them clear about shapes and sizes cards or toys.

Math lessons for preschoolers.Math lessons for preschoolers.

Math lessons for preschoolers.

Math lessons for preschoolers with smart activities/motor skills.

  1. Number blocks
  2. Numbers learning toys
  3. Counting or reading Numbers of pages of books 
  4. Number Tracing
  5. Making numbers with Playdough
  6. Coloring pages
  7. Writing on sand
  8. Tracing numbers with fingers
  9. Making numbers/shapes with card paper
  10. cut and past activities for teaching orders and sizes
  11. other some resources to teach orders/ sizes and pattern

Math lessons for preschoolers.

Math lessons for preschoolers.

Math lessons for preschoolers.

Math lessons for preschoolers.

Math lessons for preschoolers.

Math lessons for preschoolers.Math lessons for preschoolers.

Math lessons for preschoolers Using worksheets and writing activities.

In this section, we use some simple and easy maths worksheets or some pencil games to make their finger muscles more strong and to teach them how to hold a pencil properly.
Here is a list of activities/worksheets we follow to teach numbers.
  1. Tracing numbers and lines in different worksheets
  2. Practice with Matching worksheets
  3. Number and value games.
  4. Scrambles
  5. Some other Worksheets to Familiarize with
  • Shapes/sizes/,
  • In/out,
  • Up/down,
  • Near/far,
  • Before/after,
  • Short/long

Preschoolers can't write properly but they could have some prewriting activities. We use coloring into numbers, making drawing and having some pencil games. As shown in the pictures.
You can watch these videos of prewriting activities.

  1. Games of prewriting
  2. Activities for prewriting.
  3. Number tracing/coloring.

Math lessons for preschoolers.  

Math lessons for preschoolers.

All the children in this age need more play/games and motor skills 
also teach them to count days of the week and months. The color names and other interesting crafts about seasons/ fruits/food/animals/stories.
Hope you all will enjoy making numbers and shapes activities with your kids. Don't forget to share your thoughts about these activities.
Comment below if I'm missing something and you need to get info about that too.
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Math lessons for preschoolers.

Preschool Math Worksheets: Counting RaindropsMath lessons for preschoolers.Math lessons for preschoolers.
Math lessons for preschoolers.
Math lessons for preschoolers.
Math lessons for preschoolers.


  1. JazakAllah Khair for sharing your ideas. Some fun ways here to help teach the little ones some maths

  2. Jazakallahu Khayr.. This is really creative and beneficial.. I struggle with my niece almost every day for numbers.. :D

  3. I think you are amazing for this! Not only are you a mother but have also take the role of being your childrens teacher and that is a massive responsibility in itself! You have gone out of your way to create lesson plans and lessons that they'll find enjoyable! I hope they always remember this!!!

    1. Thanks for your appreciation... I hope so they will remember this time and also will go 2 step forward in this regard.

  4. My engineer husband always makes fun of me for counting on my fingers. I wish I would have been taught using methods like these! I think it is extremely important for parents to reinforce and supplement what takes place in the classroom, so these are great ideas. Thanks!

    1. You are right... we missed study fun ... off course my maths was very good, but that was so boring ... And Alhamdolilah my kids are learning and enjoying fun activities in this espect.

  5. You do not need to struggle with numbers... teaching is secondary thing but fun and creativity should be first to do strategy.

  6. My youngest boy who turned 4 last week is mad about maths and counting ! Thanks for sharing I can use some of these ideas at home

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  8. This was exactly what I needed to read this morning! I have a daughter in pre-school that I teach at home. We've been working on counting and this gives me more resources to use with her. Thanks!

    1. Hope you will enjoy the number journey with your little ones.

  9. These are awesome resources! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Salam. You reminded me of my early homeschooling days when my kids were little. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Very good post...Thanks for sharing...


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