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12 Bridges best models of engineering crafts/Projects

Engineering crafts are forever favorite projects. And for car lovers making bridge, roads and transport crafts is like digging into deep involvement.

Summer Crafts Ideas
Here is a collection of engineering crafts of my school. And it is combined for homeschooled and school going kids to choose one of their interest and start work according to personal skills.

1st Pic.You can find three bridge. The first bridge is made of ice cream sticks to foot cross a river. It Looks very amazing and has a very technical method to make. and the second one is a Brittan style  Car and vehicles bridge. It is a very wide and smart looking bridge.

And the third one is made of Tissue roles and craft paper. It is made to make a border to separate two sides.

2nd Pic
5 Bridge Crafts ideas

these crafts are the best sample of engineering.They are made to cross the rivers and two of them are joining two roads. They are approaching a shipping port. where downside we could see small boats are landing and visiting.
Summer Craft ideas, Stories for Muslim kids

3rd Pic
3 Bridge for Engineering crafts

The Very first colorful bridge looks like built at flower fields. It's so amazing to work. the second one is small lack bridge surrounded by green fields and third is more creative engineering work. It is build to join two Iceland into a vast sea.

Summer Craft ideas, Stories for Muslim kids

4th Pic
Very Beautiful BridgeInto a vast sea. Gives a whole idea how to build using skills.

engineering crafts

5th Pic
Bridge craft is very nice looking sliding bridge. I love color combination used into it.

Summer Craft ideas, Stories for Muslim kids

6th Pic 
Bridge craft made with bricks. It Is also a Brittan style bridge and mostly this type of bridge was built where floods and fast flowing waters cross over.

engineering crafts

7th Pic
Another beautiful Bridge crafts with tissue roles and cars. It's a beautiful view and built with full skill.

egineering crafts
Crafts are a big helping tool to learn motor skills and developing the confidence of creativity. 
Hope you will like all of these engineering crafts. Don't forget to tell us which one is your favorite? Do you want to share your experience of making a craft? leave a comment. 
Adiba Anwar.
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