Friday 30 June 2017

Summer craft How to Make a Beautiful beach house? How to keep engage children this summer?

Summer craft!

  How to Make a Beautiful beach house? 

Free to make...and very creative model to make children Frank to nature.

Summer craft Beach house with Avery beautiful view, a place where everyone wishes to live. Hours could be spent outside with complete leisure. 

I had made this with my two kids and they enjoyed it much... then it was sent to their nursery school and it is still there for the inspiration of other parents..... It looks so cool and a dream point view ... you must try it. I bet you will always love to save it and will never throw out.

Things we need to make summer crafts, a beach house

A square or rectangle box ( shoe or fruit box)with normal height

Some ice-cream sticks to make side wall 

Paper for covering the box

Some big stones to make hills

Small stones to make footpath as well beach

Finger colors

Card paper or green plastic bottle to make plants

Small ball and net toy to make court

Paper roll and egg tray to make a house( or any thing you want to make house

UHU stick

Make a small house and color it

Cut  cardboard or plastic bottle into small slices to give it plant's shape

Glue the paper outside of the box white or colorful

take ice-cream stick and make boundary attaching them to all sides of the box

Then to make ground well-spread sand stones or and hard paper Put the house in on corner and make a foot path from house to another side

And color blue one small area to make a beach. 

And other bigger side you will color green to give it look of a lawn or playing ground.

Make some fish of paper paste on the blue water area (if you wish)

and Color a little area to make grass lawn to sit, There could make table tennis  or foot ball court or any other game 

sitting desk/chairs, swing, slides for kids whatever you like

Now finally leave bigger stones along side the house and in other corners where you want to give a hills look 

          Your Summer craft is ready... you can put it on the corner table or corner rack or any other comfortable place to put it on.

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Adiba Anwar.


  1. How cool! I remember helping my brothers make forts out of toothpicks when I was a kid! ;-) And it took forever because toothpicks. LOL

  2. Thank you.looking sound ....


Thanks for compliments.

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