Sunday 21 May 2017

Summer Crafts Plastic bottles and ice-cream covers craft. a kitchen corner decor.

A Best kitchen corner decor made with plastic bottles and ice cream containers cover.

Summer crafts
summer crafts

Things we need to make.

  1.  Three sprites (Green)plastic bottles.
  2.  One vegetable oil bottle to make a vase.
  3. Ice cream containers cover in different colors.
  4.  UHU.
  5.  Scissor.

How to make?

Take any shape of vegetable oil bottle... Remove its tag rapper...... Wash it neatly with warm water and leave to be wet... Later cut it into half..... Make sure there is no oil or grease left.

Take a bottle of sprite definitely in green color.

summer carfts Remove its top and start to cut it from top to down two inch high from bottom in fine slices. Then do the same thing with all of three.

summer crafts
Take ice cream containers tops in different colors and remove their sides.

summer crafts
Make some flowers from them and some of them stick in long leaf shape.

summer crafts

In the bottle vase adjust first green plant then seconds and third inside each other.. And in the third one put some stones or any weight to keep the balance... Then stick plastic flowers 💐 💐 in some plastic grass slice and some on the leaf stick...

summer crafts
Vase could be painted or decorated with plastics covers.

Best places... shelves, oven,  Window, corners, side racks,

Try it with your little ones at home... Supper for motor skills...and creativity..... And also best to teach them how to reuse the plastic and unwanted things...  


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