Thursday 29 June 2017

Summer crafts , How to make A bird nest and eggs.How to keep engage children this summer?

Summer crafts, 

A birds nest with eggs.

In summer all the birds make a nest and lay eggs and hatch them. Summer is the best time when children could observe How birds make nests and how the baby birds look like. In this summer craft, Children will learn the life cycle of birds.
For kids, it's a fun Summer crafts/activity to search bird nests without touching or spoiling nest. 

Fragile  This nest and robin's egg were found on separate occasions in my yard.   The egg was unbroken, on the ground, nowhere near a tree.   The nest isn't a robin's, but I don't know who it belonged to.

Children will observe, how the birds spaciously sparrows collects husk and sticks to make nests. And where they most like to make nests.
And after that birds lay eggs in it... And from hatching to baby birds it's all a fun activity.
In the Islamic point of view... This summer craft we relate stories from the Qur'an.
1. When a Dove lays eggs in the nest at the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW.
and other birds mentioned in Qur'an in different stories could be discuses.

In this regard also see my post about life 

How to make a nest As Summer craft?
Things we need for this summer craft:-
1. Ice cream sticks to make back boundary or bushes wall
2. Card paper to make leaves
3. A sparrow made with card paper or ready-made kids toy
4. Husk and grass sticks to fill nest pot
5. Small balls t make eggs
6. Around or oval small pot to make the nest
7. Playdough to decorate it.

First of all, arrange ice cream sticks like a sheet and stick them with paper tape or anyone else. then cut some leaves and little branches and decorate them alongside the sticks see in the picture.

Then take any pot and put some husk grass or little stick in it like a nest. 

Then take some small candy balls or any other in different colors or white whatever you like. 

If you don't have balls it could also be made with playdough or flour or beans.
With a play, dough makes some little decoration beans, buds or lines and stick downside of the pot to give it a crafty and colorful look. Buttons and jewelry beads also could be used as the second option.

In the last, attach leaves and stick wall with the nested pot.
 Put eggs inside the nest .
 Also, make a sparrow of card paper and stick with ice cream stick or 
Take a toy sparrow and keep inside the nest. Or Make a sparrow yourself with dough, paper or card paper.
Summer craft, a bird's nest is ready.
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Adiba Anwar.
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