Friday 11 August 2017

Online tuition for Muslim kids.

Get online tutors of Islamic studies, maths, Urdu, English, Qur'an, Computers, crafts/art from Preschooling, homeschooling and grade 1 to Grade 3.#tuition/Homeschooling

 online Tuitionfor muslim kids
Aslam O Alaikum!
            Summer vacations are ended up and almost all the children are back to school. But some mothers are still looking some relief. After all, the house cores mother don't get much time to teach their kids at home and they are also afraid of sending their children to such institutions where their kids are not secure enough. Don't worry, no need to give your children in others hand. we are an international team of teachers who can teach your pre school and primary school students with ease at home. For Quran, we have Arabic Quran teacher and for pre school, to grade 3 we teach online English, math, Islamic studies, Urdu, Computers and crafts/ arts to all type of learning students. ( We don't follow the heavy syllabus, we make them genius with full subject activities and learning tools). And if you want to engage pre school kids with educational activities we teach them online. And we offer a very reasonable package.

What and how we teach online?

1.Online Quran

Online Quran Tajweed with Teaching Islamic studies, basic prayers, pillars, Sunnah, wadhu/gusal/Salat masayl and tilawat -i-Qur'an from native and non-native Quran teachers.
We use all learning tools and very attractive manner to teach.

2.Online English for homeschoolers and Preschoolers.

We teach English phonics, letters, words, vocabulary, creative writing, with Islamic teaching methods, We also use Islamic knowledge and activities to improve English
Using all learning tools and modern educational methods we teach online to the students of all learning types.

3.Online Urdu reading/writing/speaking

 We teach Urdu alphabets, writing, reading, speaking creative writing, Grammer and Poetry.
WE use Islamic studies and Islamic knowledge to teach kids and cover the Islamic course. After getting classes from us you children will have no need to learn Islamic syllabus separately. 

4.Online Math 

We make your kid's math genius with many online activities and tricks. We cover counting( simple and back counting)/addition/subtractions/ multiplications,Skip counting, shapes, engineering activities/ models and maps making.

5. Crafts/arts/drawing

We teach kids how to draw/ motor skills/ making crafts/ reuse disposable thing. And we do all these activities with Islamic resources and cover Islamic stories and Islamic Sunnah.


We also entertain kids with basic computer skills and information. We teach paint, power point slides/ typing/ useful apps for kids. 

7. Free Parenting tips and guide.

Free parenting tips and Child's personality/behavioral issues will be solved for free.

 What we Offer for free

  • Free Parenting advice for all ages
  • way to solve behavioral problems of children
  • Islamic study guide
  • Educational resources
  • Free coloring pages
  • Free crafts idea's
  • We will provide a fully satisfied and creative staff to full fill all needs of your child's personality. 
For more query us Via email at

Adiba Anwar.


  1. My girl is a bit slow in study. She plays games but don't takes interest in study help me please.I want to join your what app group. add me.

  2. Ok you can email me at i will give you my whatapp and try my best to solve out problem. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Reading Buddy Software is advanced, speech recognition reading software that listens, responds, and teaches as your child reads. It’s like having a tutor in your computer

  4. Online Quran Classes for kids is a great educational institution, which is spreading religious education since long period of time. Our mission is to spread Quranic education in the whole world, where it’s difficult to find loyal and experience teachers and mosques are to too far away.

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